Friday, 16 March 2012

day 10

Sunday 4th March .

We had a relaxing morning at Lacam lodge and our taxi driver, now that he knew where we were going had arrived on time to collect usand it became time for us to leave this oasis of natural beauty & calm.
The picture below is of Sipi falls , the largest waterfall in africa and the one we abseiled down.

The drive back was a little concerning as his "roadwise" skills seemed to be lacking somewhat .. while he drifted over the centre line towards a blind right hand bend with his mobile in his hand I have to say I was more than a little concerned !!

However, we made it back to the Sunrise Inn safely ( well in one piece at least ) and were welcomed back like we were regulars by the fantastic staff there who said they had missed us !!

Once back in our room with our water in the  minifridge & fresh fruit we sorted our stuff out for clinic the next day with my camera wanting a lense change ready so that if any cases of Infant Oral Mutilation came in we could take the pictures and Gilbert the ugandan dentist can have some photos for the day when ( hopeully funding dependant ) he is able to start his PHD on the subject based from the Uk, as education and law making is really the key to stop this abhorrent practice. 

We gave Gilbert the card for the gents  we had met from the UN over our camp fire , as their role in uganda was an advisory one on child development laws to be instigated  ... maybe our chance contact might grow into a good central contact for Gilbert to give him direct access to the people that make the laws ... I certainly hope so but it wont happen quickly here !!

The rest of sunday basically involved some prep for the following day , getting a meal in at a nearby hotel which serves very good western food at prices we find comparitively very cheap , but is so far out of reach for the locals . It makes you think,  as you sit there enjoying a meal just how lucky you are when some of the children we've seen cant and wont be enjoying a meal like this , maybe ever.

 Maybe this is the origins of the saying "food for thought".

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