Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 9

Saturday 3rd march.

Departed sunset inn at 8am in a private taxi to go to sipi from mbale, which is about an hours drive . The roads were mixed with some mud, some major potholes and then once onto the road up to sipi  the surface was positively European ( which if follows for long enough) goes onto the border with Kenya. 

We unfortunately had a driver who "knew" where we were going but over shot by some 40 minutes which was a great shame as I was itching to get outside and enjoy the stunning scenery. 

On arrival at Lacam lodge it was simply breathtaking and the views no the way the lodge has been created were awe inspiring .You can sit on the balcony and hear the Lower ( larger of the 3 ) sipi falls which is the largest fall in Africa. 

The Banda ( hut ) was beautiful .. ( I'm afraid you run out of adjectives to describe the scenery in this country and I'm sorry if I repeat them ! ) and had courtesy of an open fire and an old oil drum converted to a heat exchanger , running hot water so when in the shower you used gravity fed boiling hot water whilst having an uninterrupted view of the valley stretching beneath the lodge development - luxury indeed. 

mark and I headed off for a walk towards the falls and were met by some 
Local boys who guided us to a spot for great photogtraphy of the falls, this sent mark a little in adrenalin overdrive as we had booked an abseil of the falls later on ..... The view showed the immense height of th falls ... 100m drop!! 

We got a great tour back from the boys , waved at by the superbly happy locals and re-entered the lodge grounds ready for lunch .

The moment has come ... Dare we do it !!! We couldn't bottle really , it was the first time I've ever see mark truly speechless and he just couldn't talk in the brief build up to his descent, he went through with it, harnessed up and stepped over the edge ... Talk about a way to conquer your fears.. Well done mark !  I had abseiled before but have to say was still nervous . After checking my headcam was on I took the step of no return , crossing the rock on the floor which had carved in it " how are you feeling !!! " . 

After I had got my confidence in the ropes the descent offered a vista of indescribable beauty , I was midair next to the largest waterfall in Africa... Wow !!

The video of the decent is fab !! 

The return walk was extremely hard going and a very rapid ascent back up the where we joined the path we had walked with the boys earlier. You need to film or take pictures of everything as everywhere you look is a Picture postcard!! I am very lucky to be here and very thankful for Barbara's knowledge of this country as it has made this part of the trip possible.

the rest of the group went on a coffee tour but I had been told by the boys of a nearby prominent rock , which I walked to and enjoyed an hour or so's tranquility whilst the sun set .... I walked back to the lodge with my headcam I and recorded some great video of a true Ugandan village. 

The four course evening meal was very tasty and served by paraffin light , the massive shame being I couldn't be experiencing this special experience  with my family .

After the meal mark and I convinced the staff at the hotel to let us have a camp fire which was great fun and we were joined some Germans who were working with UNICEF and the Un and provided an interesting evenings discussion about Ugandan affairs . 

Tired out t.. Time for bed!! 

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