Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 14 part one --- Last day :-(

Thursday 8th  March

Good morning !!

Back to the bus once more and we head further out of Kampala  to a small motel type place for the official handover of the new dental chair  ...

Here Mark models next to "our" school bus , which it seems must be indestructable  as its not broken despite the awful roads !!

The Handover went  very well.


The non profit making charity of foodsteps laid on a small reception in way of a cake and drinks etc

 The business of the day which was to celebrate Rotary Uk's fantastic efforts in conjunction with dentaid to get  a whole new surgery in a bin over to uganda to help the children at foodsteps ... wow !!!

barbara and the children of foodsteps explore the content of the "bin".. 

 The massive bonus for the boys of the day was ..... MISS UGANDA !!!!!!  and for this only pictures do it justice !!

why doesnt miss uganda have as many crows feet as Mark and I ???

 end of part one of day 14.

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