Saturday, 25 February 2012

Day 1 -

Diary of 24 th feb 2012.

Quite a relaxed start with a swim and spa at the hotel
Left for flight ba63 to entebbe airport And had a fantastic breakfast in waggamammas in terminal 5.
Flight delayed by 1hr but gave us the chance to get a couple of iPhone charge extender cases as when we're rural ...we really are rural !!

Arrived entebbe airport at 11.30 local time ( 3 hours ahead of the uk )

Barbara & driver met us in a large , typical African looking run down bus and then we passed out on the "m25" from kampala through a mass of shanty town like places with a party going on all the way down the road until we reached the sunset motel entebbe. We saw a nice big accident and were reliably informed that more people die of rta's than HIV here !!

Barbara told us about the child "prison" offically known as a rehabilitation centre for street kids who are " in the way" ... The officials deny its a prison but it houses children from 18 months old up to 12/13 and they apparently live in total squalor and have absolutely nothing.

A colleague of Barbara's is trying to sort out a project where she can , for 30 dollars a month remove , house, feed , love and educate these children. This lady on one occasion arrived at this place at the same time as a coach with some Americans on it bartering for the children .. They were to be sold for body parts.

Mya and Megan's clothes and toys are to go to some of the most needy children in existence and I feel very proud they have sent them , it's a shame I can't take some to give them personally , and see their faces Light up.. But maybe it's a good thing I don't see it as the images sound like they would haunt you for life.

Hotel is absolutely fine ... Has a shower & toilet & actually looks semi-appealing !! Room is very nice !

Unpacked all my stuff .. Didn't take mark long as he hasn't got anything with him ... Literally !! Mr 2 pairs of pants boy !!
Got the dental stuff all sorted into one case to leave on the bus and it all appears to have arrived intact !! Miracle!!
We have power here so were getting everything charged up to the max , and we are here until Wednesday , including doing some lecturing on Monday and tuesday at the dental / dental technician training college.
Barbara has sorted quite an interesting itinerary and I suspect that the hotel and all we've seen so far is lulling us into a false sense of security!

Alarms set for 7 for breakfast !! Our first Ugandan meal!

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  1. Good work. Ha yes Mark and his two pairs of pants.