Monday, 27 February 2012

Day 3

Diary sunday 25th feb

Awoken @ 6.30 by the car alarm birds !!

No clinics today .

Quite an interesting itinerary ahead today ... Barbara has arranged a trip into the Centre of Kampala to see more of Kampala and to go a church called the Wototo central central church.. They are a group of churches and cover the whole of Kampala.

The church service in wototo central church was full, literally to the rafters and even has an overflow seating area with a projector to show the service direct to those that couldn't get in!! The "congregation" we're full of amazing vibrant energy and sang and danced relentlessly to the incredible choir ladies and the central " band" . There was a lot of happy clapping and an immensely long sermon , timed to perfection by the use of countdown clock onto the back wall of what was a classic British old cinema as most of the buildings are British leftovers from the 1950's. As one service ended we left in a huge throng and the next mass of people awaited to get in!!

The church runs 4 services a day and Ran very very proficiently and the cost of the contents of the church seemed in very stark contrast to the income of the majority of the rest of the congregation .. The preacher delivered his sermon from an iPad!! I have views about this I won't post on here.

We left for Meal in nearby supermarket food court which is very nice.

The " best" shopping centre in Kampala was quite basic and had all you could need but at a basic level.

Mark and I wanted to visit the local craft market and we plucked up the courage to ride on a Buda Buda ( a motorbike taxi ... No helmets !! )

The craft market was all locally made gift type produce and the haggling was much fun, Mark made an offer on one item that had the lady ringing her boss to see if could accept it !!

Came back to kolping hotel & finished off our lectures / presentation in readiness for the following day presenting and lecturing at the university of Makarere , which is a division of the hospital of Malago.

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