Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 5

Diary for Tuesday 28th feb .

Woken by the car alarm birds .. Running theme that !

Left Kolping hotel at 8 am to travel the short distance to the university hospital of Malago.

Mark had a very bus morning for the students planned and had an in depth practice exercise for them to complete , this didn't need me so after having met the prosthetics teacher who had heard we were in town I asked if I could go and observe the students on his prosthetic clinic.

I asked if he minded me teaching the students and he said he was very happy as he had very little experience of prosthetic work .. He was the prosthetic tutor!!

The students had patients for dentures in the chairs and I discussed the pros and cons of leaving second molars off the full denture setups ... The senior student was initially unsure but her patient was complaining of a full mouth and thought she couldn't cope with the dentures . The dentures had been reduced as much as possible and when I convinced her to let me take the 7's off the patient immediately felt at Lot more at ease with her try in !

Another student I watched for 20 minutes scratching at a wax bite block ( used for recording the bite with dentures ) . I went to help her and within 30 minutes we had made new bite blocks , taken impressions and the patient was very grateful as she was facing having to make another trip of 6hrs ( round trip ) to get the impressions done as the student had told her she would not finish the required work at this appointment!!

On leaving the hospital Mark presented to Apolo the initial start of enough materials , and equipment for him to be able to start a basic denture laboratory , which is going to be called Melbo Lab, a fitting legacy for our trip here.

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