Saturday, 25 February 2012

Day 2 ...

Diary of 25th February 

Up early this am for Breakfast .. , 
Changed into scrubs for the clinic.

interesting Bus drive  into the slum, where a large collection of street children were all being occupied by tv.  There were Male & female mangers looking after the kids, which numbered roughly 150. 

The clinic was assembled from the variety pack of boxes stored in the bus. - pictures to follow

Clinic started at approx 10.30 

I treated a number of patients , all with wonderful  manners who 
Literally  have nothing . I also trained and worked With the Ugandan dentists , Ambrose , Fayed.

Mark applied fluoride varnish for the first time and performed ( literally - bit of booty shaking!! ) an excellent role as DHE as we do want to leave a legacy behind so that they can help themselves and reduce the decay experience but sweets are so cheap , and coca- cola ( 2 ice cold bottles of coke , 3000 ugx = 90p. !!  ) the decay we see here is the tip of the iceberg the country will face on its current path Of an increasingly cariogenic diet.

The children were beautifully behaved & many spoke excellent English despite being some of the most poverty stricken children and all were very grateful for the use of modern dental equipment ( albeit in its most basic form ) 

The clinic finished & was packed away by approx 2pm.

The local people kindly provided us with lunch of rice and non spicy chilli con carne which is barbara's request from them as their gesture to us for the services we provide so that it is not seen as totally free. 

The experience and the gratitude expressed were humbling . 

After a quick shower and change from the scrubs mark and I went for a walk into Kampala , surprisingly our lungs coped very well with the acrid fumes and the smell of raw sewage and local food ... A heady combination !! 

Evening meal has been done and we look forward to another day tomorrow .. Albeit no clinics as we are spending some more time in Kampala.

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