Friday, 17 February 2012

One week to go !!!

Were finalising things here . The anaesthetic is ordered .. Thankyou kent dental for giving me a good deal and a promise of A goody box .. So when it arrives ill post what they sent. We are packing the bags to go ... It is amazing just what 23kg is in luggage , Got so much stuff to take to give to the children in uganda its great . There is 23 kg of toys and clothes as were treating lots of children so i hope to be able not only to Help them dentally , but give them a toy as well . The feeling of slight apprehension is building now as were going to see a lot of things That mark & i have never experienced before!!! Ive got a meeting at J & A international from spilsby this morning with their charity committee to discuss The logo,d tshirts that mark & i plan to wear as our "clinical" tops so I hope theyre able to help us as times now running short . Still to do :- Holiday insurance !! But v difficult to find one that covers the cameras etc !! Im going to approach the NFU and see if they can help me !! Ill post later with progress from the day !!

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