Monday, 27 February 2012

day 4

diary for monday 27th february

Again awoken @6am by the car alarm birds !!

Really looking forward to today as we get to go and see the Mulago dental hospital and the new dental technician training school.

On our arrival after yet another interesting journey through Kampala we were met by the dean of the dental school and some members of his teaching staff.

It has become clear that in Uganda there are 2 level of dental training , a 5 yr course and a 3 year publi dental health course. The 3 year qualified dentists have an emergency and pain relief remit and the 5 yr students have had a ugandan BDS equivalency ( on paper  --- I watched on final year student attempt to take out buried roots of a lre from a 6 yr old girl .... she hadnt managed to get local in and so with topical only was using an elevator to remove the roots .. despite the fact that the abscess wasnt coming  from the roots .. it was from the grossly carious lrd !!  shes 3 months off being qualified , but she has only been seeing patients clinicaly for 1yr ! )

The clinial dental school had been supported by Belmont and the level of equipment was excellent , although the cross infection control seemed to leave a lot to be desired !!

We were "fortunate" enough to see where the students then have to go to work for 1 yr after qualification .. ( have got some pictures but they wont upload ... ! )  -- no wonder in clinics like this the Vt's encourage the patients to go to see them at their private clinics.

A small partial denture here on the government price list are from roughly  one hundred pounds in cost.

The students seemed to really get a lot from the day and all said they really enjoyed it. Many thanks to all our sponsors for making this possible as we really are making a difference to the first batch of dental technology students in uganda. Hopefully from here the provision of dentures etc can get better.

After a busy day we took a couple of the students for a coffee and then it was evening meal & an early night !

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